The Texas Tech University Work Order Database (or TTU WODB) was created by me in 2012 while I was working at Texas Tech. It's a sophisticated business web application to keep track of all the IT Tickets for our college which is a vital part of our daily operations.

I built the system from scratch to include an internal security login system, real-time graphics, wait time estimates, and a variety of reporting methods for helping us attend to the critical tasks first. The user interface updates dynamically using AJAX calls, and everything is animated using the YUI library.

Rows animate and expand when you click on them. Each page is loaded dynamically in the window, so there's no navigating from page to page. The back end of the website was handled by PHP and a MySQL database. Stats are generated as an image by using PHP on the back end. Reports are generated on demand in a printable format. The entire website is themed with photos and colors to go along with the Texas Tech school colors of red and black.

Tools Used